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AIT Events Co., Ltd.


Official Supporters:

China Association of Refrigeration

China Gas Association

Overseas Supporters:

Trade and Invest BC
US-China Clean Tech Center


Exhibit Profile

1. Up-Stream of Natural gas: exploration, development and production equipment


2. Mid-Stream of Natural gas: engineering construction and construction design, storage and transportation


3. Down-Stream of Natural gas: purifying, liquefying and vaporizing equipment, filling station equipment, NGV/LNG vehicles/carriers, LNG tanks, Natural gas purifying technologies; Natural gas distributed energy; Natural gas power generating equipment and NG engines; Instruments, apparatuses and fluid equipment


4. NGV Manufacturers and Vehicle Modification:

 Passenger, Car, Bus, Taxi, Wagon, Truck, Tractor, Special Vehicles


5. NGV Engines and Other Accessories:

1) NGV Engines:

① Fuel System          ② Ignition System     ③ Crankshaft Assembly  ④ Valve Train  

⑤ Lubrication System    ⑥ Cooling System     ⑦Starting System

2)Other Accessories:

① Gas Storage System  ② NGV Furl Supply System  ③ Converter  ④Instrument &Meters 

⑤Monitor and Safety Protection Equipment


6.Gas Refueling Station

LPG, LNG, CNG Dispenser, Compressor, Dryer, Storage Device,

 Dehydration Device, Control Components and other equipment or devices related to the gas refueling station

7. LNG Refueling Station
LNG Storage Device; Vaporizer; Dispenser; Gas Nozzleï¼›High-pressure Hose;Cryogenic Valves; and all other equipment or devices related to the LNG Refueling Station
8. All equipment or devices related to the H2,DME refueling station
9.Hydrogen Production Plant by Water Electrolysis, Methanol Cracking, Natural Gas
10. Gas Storage System
Cylinders, LNG Tank Containers, LNG Storage Tank, LNG Tank vehicles, Trailers, Tube-bundle Container, Seamless Pipe etc.
11.Instrument& Meters: flow instrument, Sensor,analysis meter, Leak Detector, etc.

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